Preserve my wealth
Buy the purest gold, silver and platinum bullion funds available. Absolutely secure storage, fully transparent and insured.BMG gold griffon

How to invest
Not all bullion investments are created equal. BMG’s open-end mutual fund trusts are a direct investment in physical bullion. BMG for investors and advisors

Diversify my portfolio
Physical bullion offers low correlation to stocks and bonds, which can help balance your portfolio.

BMG Diversify Your Portfolio

There is no substitute for the peace of mind you gain by owning an asset that is real and enduring.

BMG BullionFund and BMG Gold BullionFund (BMG Funds) invest in bullion itself, not in ETFs, certificates, mining shares or futures contracts, and not in derivatives or bullion proxies.  Physical bullion is the only asset that is not someone else’s liability and does not represent a mere promise to pay, such as the dollar or a stock certificate.

BMG Funds’ performance is not reliant on the performance of a portfolio manager. Purchases are not market-timed, holdings are not re-balanced and no hedging or leverage is used.