Diversify Your Portfolio

BMG can help you better diversify your portfolio


What are the main asset classes in a diversified portfolio?

The main asset classes in a diversified portfolio are REITS, stocks, bonds, cash and gold.

Why should I diversify my portfolio?

A well diversified portfolio is constructed to withstand surprises and perform well across different types of economic environments. Diversifying your portfolio helps you to avoid wild, gut wrenching swings in value, especially in periods of poor stock returns. The addition of precious metals to a portfolio of REITS, equities, bonds and cash can enhance returns and reduce risk over time.

Is gold a top performing asset?

Since 1972, gold has been a top performing asset in 12 years, compared to stocks (7 years), bonds (6 years) and cash (2 years).

Why is gold an excellent hedge?

Gold has a low correlation to traditional asset classes – making gold an excellent hedge against market volatility.

How much gold should I allocate?

A diversified portfolio should include a long-term allocation of up to 25% to gold. The ideal allocation in terms of  risk adjusted return for investors seeking security is an even 20% split between all five asset classes. The ideal allocation in terms of risk adjusted return for investors seeking a growth portfolio is an even 25% split between gold, REITS, stocks and bonds, omitting cash from the allocation.     
  Diversify Your Portfolio


Diversify your portfolio for the long term with an allocation to physical gold. BMG can help you better diversify your portfolio and offers you the benefits of an investment in uncompromised bullion. Gold shines bright as a permanent part of any investment portfolio over the long term.   

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